COTRUGLI Business School


COTRUGLI Business School is an internationally recognized institution, accredited by AMBA, with the reputation of the leading business schools in SE Europe. The COTRUGLI Business School Program was designed by an international group of experts, in accordance with the most progressive business education trends in the world. Together with MBA programs (MBA, EMBA, CEMBA) and doctoral program (DBA), COTRUGLI offers In-House education, Assessment and Advisory services and Open programs which cover a variety of business topics.

COTRUGLI programs attract participants from all countries of the region and with different professional backgrounds – from engineers and doctors to consultants and bankers – highly motivated and action driven senior executives or ambitious middle managers striving for modern-day knowledge which they can put into practice right away. Instead of teaching readymade formulas, its innovative programs enable participants to create their own formulas under the guardian eye of the world’s best professors.


COTRUGLI management team aspires to provide participants with exceptional networking. Participants interact and expand companionship with high-performing managers and leaders. A powerful alliance and camaraderie for most participants means a return of invested time and money even before the program is completed. Impressive positive reviews and evaluations that COTRUGLI constantly receives from the world leading experts and institutions have opened the doors for the School to work with the best in the field of business education.


What makes COTRUGLI Business School special?

Superior program quality mainly focused on business practice and applicability

Innovative topics combined with unconventional working approach

Interactive and “live” workshops where attendees acquire knowledge through exchange of their business experiences

Exceptional international networking

Respected lecturers from world’ s top business schools