Benedek Fluck


Benedek Fluck

CEO for Human Resources at MVM Hungarian Power Company Ltd.


He joined the MVM Group in 2011 with the aim to build up corporate HR at an 8,000 employees state own company. In his role he is responsible to establish modern human resources management, develop and implement strategy, corporate policies, central governance and new HR organization. In the last 3 and the half years he and his team established the basis of a new style approach of management, launch succession planning and career programs for leaders, professionals and project leaders, while continuously work on company cultural changes.


Benedek has begun his career at the ministry of labour for a short time, than jump directly to the real business life in the automotive industry. He fulfilled HR supervisor position responsible for compensation at Lear Corporation Hungary than he was appointed to be HR manager for two production plant approximately 3000 employees in his age of 26. It was a great opportunity to learn about people management, hiring, design and develop performance management tools to retain and motivate blue collars on the shopfloor up to the top managerial level. After 10 years he changed to the position of Country HR Director for the Hungarian subsidies of largest automotive supplier of the world. Bosch Hungary was the place where he got the chance to organize and strengthen the Hungarian entities, find the synergies and increase the reputation of the group between the young and talented fresh graduate and the experience workforce. His team won the 2nd place for Company the most desired company award in different competitions in upcoming years thanks for the well defined and executed employer branding strategy.


Benedek has a strategic thinking which can help to reach success in HR, and he was able to position HR in a strategic role at any company so far.  He was born in 1974, he graduated as career guidance counselor at Gödöllő University than he gain a MA human resources diploma at Janus Pannonius University, beside his sailing coach degree.

He is sailing since 1980, multiply national champion and certified national race officer and jury.