Mateja Geržina

Mateja GerzinaMateja Geržina

Director of HRM, General Affairs & Compliance
Triglav, d.d., Slovenia

I am a Bachelor of Law with bar exam and I started my career in Zavarovalnica Triglav, d.d., which is the biggest insurance company in Slovenia. I started working in a year 2002 in the area of insurance business, and in 2005 I changed my interest and I focused more on the matters which include work with employees. Since 1.1.2012 until 31.10.2014 I was director of labour law and general affairs, dealing mostly with labour law issues and organizational issues. I was involved in negotiations with unions, preparing systems and internal acts concerning the rights and obligations of employees. In the area of human resources I was involved in the project of coordinated work and family life of employees, as well as coordination of the program for employees called Triglav.smo (pronounced: Triglav-dot-smo [We are Triglav]), programme under the motto Zdravi, Zadovoljni, Zavzeti , that means achieving more healthy, happy and committed employees. During that period I was also responsible for safety and health at work and fire protection for the company of 2.400 employees and more then 300 buildings. According to my job I was responsible for implementation of the health promotion among the employees.

For the last 2 years I am employed in Triglav INT, d.d. which is established for managing other 6 insurance companies outside republic of Slovenia. I am director of HRM, general affairs and compliance. I transfer the knowledge and experience of corporate governance, human resource managment and compliance.

According to my job, I am responsible for transferring minimum standards in the field of human resource development: implementation of tools for selection of employees, leadership of employees, management by objectives, rewarding of employees, promotion of innovational culture and implementation of projects to help creating appropriate organizational culture (to follow the Company’s core values, i.e. professionalism, safety, social responsibility and simplicity).