Nowadays, in a highly complex and competitive surrounding, there is a thin line between common HR practices and state of the art HR practices, which can have a large impact on the decisions that are made and the outcomes that are generated.

Even though, the world of modern business is already more or less familiar with variety of HR processes and their relevance is well accepted on general level, there is still an obvious discrepancy in perceiving the HR function, on the strategic level, as the company’s main value creator.

COTRUGLI Business School had a pleasure to organize two leading global HR events – ARTof.HR conferences. The first ARTof.HR conference was held in 2014. in Dubrovnik, Croatia, while the second one was held in Beograd, Serbia in 2016. Both of them accomplished a great success.




In Dubrovnik, over 400 attendees took advantage of this unique opportunity – they listened to the world’s leading HR authorities, such as Mr. Dave Ulrich and other esteemed keynote speakers, and learned about creative HR strategies that drive every organization forward.

The question of global research on art in HR, which was presented at the conference, was: does focusing on the data mean that human resources are losing the artistic side? The results showed that good HR practice is a matter of leadership more than management and it is necessary to use artistic approach in order to create attractive business environment and to be seen as the “best organization”. It’s time to be more creative than ever! Strong message from Dave Ulrich was that you need to ask yourself whether you are HR who understands organizational culture because culture is more important than talent. I’d rather have an excellent culture in the organization and weak leader. A strong team will always overcome such leader.

Speakers at the conference were professionals with an experience in managing the world-known companies. Participants had the opportunity to listen to the world-wide trends and practices in the field of HR and leadership, obtained practical tips and tricks to improve business and networked with the greatest HR experts and leaders.



The second ARTof.HR conference brought together the greatest HR experts from SEE. Over 40 HR experts presented their own HR experiences and advices from their companies.

Organizational culture was the most popular topic among the lecturers. Organizational culture should have a name because name means identity. As well, we should change organizational culture parallel with the other changes in the organization. When we find the uniqueness of a company, we need to work on it constantly. Talking about organizational culture, speakers have stressed out that change in management is an important factor and that is essential to keep key people. Some of the other topics were: Recruitment Process, Talent Attracting, Art or Science in Decision Making, Agile Transformation, Strategic Role of HR, Coaching, Customer Centricity, Leadership in Action and Different Employees as a Competitive Advantage.

Through many different workshops and networking events, attendees from both of the conferences had a chance to share their experiences and expand their business network to an international level.

Success of two conferences kept us motivated and committed to put our efforts through an Artof.HR movement – movement designed to uncover as well as to help create and then shape, a new and valuable perspective on the critical importance of HR professionals who lead and nurture what is truly an organisations greatest asset – its people.