Join the Global HR Conference, meet the best and brightest thinkers in the HR industry!

Welcome to the leading global HR event of the year.

The leading business school in the SEE region,  COTRUGLI BUSINESS SCHOOL, has to plesure to invite you to the global HR conference with the world’s leading HR authority Mr. Dave Ulrich!

The ARTof.HR Conference attracts global HR managers, talent and business leaders who not only wish to learn, benchmark and share industry experiences with their peers but also actively seek new ways to meet corporate goals.

Our speakers are innovative thinkers and practitioners, who are leading global HR teams and working on global HR challenges in some of the largest multinational companies.

WHY should you attend this event?

#1: Meet the best and brightest thinkers in HR industry (more than 30 speakers!)

#2: Demonstrate leadership by being a part of the latest research and discussion of the HR issues

#3: Learn directly from Mr. Dave Ulrich, world’s leading HR authority and pick up practical tips & tricks for your business

#4: Explore exceptional networking opportunities with global HR and business participants

#5: Participate in additional lectures delivered by reputable HR experts and honored guests

#6: Collect incentives and ideas for initiating new HR projects


Dubrovnik.  Having visited Dubrovnik, the Irish writer George Bernard Shaw wrote:

“Those who search for paradise on earth should come and see Dubrovnik”

DubrovnikUnique for its impressive medieval forts, churches, monuments and palaces, Dubrovnik is often called the pearl of the Adriatic.

More than a thousand-year old history of Dubrovnik made it a cultural centre of Europe. Initially a small community, the city flourished in no time and became the seat of the independent Dubrovnik Republic.

Virtual networking

Many people who attend our professional development conferences know that the relationships they establish with fellow attendees are priceless… relationships that often continue to be a source of advice and support for many years to come.

#1: Our Private LinkedIn Group – Between sessions, you can network with other Conference attendees on the “exclusive”               ARTof.HR LinkedIn group.

#2Twitter Chat Rooms –  You will also get access to Twitter-based chat rooms where you can interact live with your peers. This allows you to organize Twitter discussions around the event hashtag: #ARTofHR

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