We had a great day with Bjarte Bogsnes, Arvind Hicman, Jon Ingham, Mojca Domiter, Sharon Moshayof, Stephen Benko, Agnes Jagicza and Zornitza Iankova. 

Below, you can see the best quotes and photos.


BJARTE BOGNES (Vice president performance management development at statoil)

”Companies need to be more human as necessary for great performance.”

”Can we make HR more like a roundabout than a traffic light?”

”Enormous effort of HR should go into recruitment – getting right people on the board, the rest just follows.”

”Problem today is that business relies too munch on KPI’s – indicators, not truth.”

”We need management innovations.”



”Artistry is important and we need it, as mesurement can become disaster. HR magic lies in balance between science and art.”

”One of the greatest artists are scientists, and vice versa. Balance is the key.”

”Scientists are the most artistic people, and the artists are scientific… Art and science… it’s karma!”

”There is balance between art and science in HR, good HR requires both.”


MOJCA DOMITER (Group HR Executive, Atlantic Grupa)

”Culture eats strategy for lunch!”

”Atlantic Grupa care much more about emotions as anything else, we developed symbols for values not only words.”

”Sometimes is better not to write anything than write something and not live up to it.”


SHARON MOSHAYOF (Former talent development leader, Global markets at Merck)

”HR needs to lead the way on resilience – how resilient are we?”

”Transformation process for the companies doesn’t have to be paintful. If your leaders are resilient enough.”

”Being positive is cornerstone of resilience, these folks see a change coming and loo for opportunities, not threats.”

”Need for positivity – seeing the change as an opportunity.”

”Be positive to the world and positive about yourself to be resilient. Another important resilience trait is focus.”

”Women are more resilient than men in being positive internally and externally, in other areas of resilience genders are equal.”

”Proactivity is important for resilience. Key is to have good balance between positivity flexibility, focus and proactivity.”


STEPHEN BENKO (Managing partner at Egon Zehnder)

”Nothing makes you feel more stupid than taking an intelligence test.”


AGNES JAGICZA (Chief HR and organizational development officer, Invitel)

”HR positions is hardest to fill as clients never know what they want.”

”World Caffes helped leaders realise: I & my team members are human beings with feelings too!”

”Listen first then speak (people always have questions) based on authenticity, trust and space, enabling a movement.”


ZORNITZA IANOVA (Country HR manager Hewlett Packard)

”Project to simplify work – workday has been my life and passion for few years.”

BENEDEK FLUCK (Deputy CEO for human resources of MVM Group)

”We are renewing MMVM Group’s HR organisation.”


EDWARD STANOCH (European talent leader at AON Hewitt)

”Engagement is about emotions and social energy!”

”Deficite of recognition is on of the biggest issues in eastern Europe – managers are unable to prove constructive feedback.”

”Do things with passion or not at all!”