About the Conference


Dave Ulrich



Listed in Forbes as one of the “world’s top five” business coaches





Nowadays, in a highly complex and competitive surrounding, there is a thin line between common HR practices and state of the art HR practices, which can have a large impact on the decisions that are made and the outcomes that are generated.

Even though, the world of modern business is already more or less familiar with variety of HR processes and their relevance is well accepted on general level, there is still an obvious discrepancy in perceiving the HR function, on the strategic level, as the company’s main value creator.

COTRUGLI Business School as the organizer has the pleasure to invite you to one of the leading global HR events of the year – “Artof.HR“ conference. Use this unique opportunity to listen to the world’s leading HR authority Mr. Dave Ulrich and other esteemed keynote speakers, and learn about creative HR strategies that drive every organization forward. Moreover, through many different workshops and networking events, you will have a chance to share your experiences and expand your business network to an international level – all in the mesmerizing city of Dubrovnik.



Benefits for participants:

#1: Learn directly from Mr Dave Ulrich, world’s leading HR authority and pick up practical tips & tricks for your business

#2: Explore exceptional networking opportunities with global HR and business participants

#3: Participate in additional lectures delivered by reputable HR experts and honoured guests

#4: Explore globally recognized tourist attractions of Dubrovnik and its surrounding

#5: Introduction to the most progressive thinking, immense international experience, latest global HR trends, cognitions and practices

#6: Incentives and ideas for initiating new HR projects


Who should attend?

– Global HR executives and experts

Top and middle executives and entrepreneurs

Businesspeople involved in the strategic aspects of running their companies, including senior executives and Board members

– Other education and HR enthusiasts


Mark your calendars for Artof.HR at November 13 – 16th in Dubrovnik!