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Schlumberger Business Consulting senior advisor Patha Gosh suggested that the complexity of global business enviroments has increased by a factor of 20 since 1990. This requires organisations to be agile and adaptable.Patha Gosh suggested that the complexity of global...

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”Think out of box! Do you see what i see?”

Jesus Vega

Former managing director at Zara – Inditex

”Enormous effort of HR should go into recruitment – getting right people on the board, the rest just follows.”

Bjarte Bognes

Vice president performance management development at Statoil

”Atlantic Grupa care much more about emotions as anything else, we developed symbols for values not only words.”

Mojca Domiter

HR Executive at Atlantic Grupa

”Being positive is cornerstone of resilience, these folks see a change coming and loo for opportunities, not threats.”


Former talent development leader, Global markets at Merck

”HR positions is hardest to fill as clients never know what they want.”


Chief HR and organizational development officer, Invitel

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